Acquisitions Incorporated Trading Cards

Acquisitions Incorporated® Trading Cards™ are another ingenious invention of Ominifis Hereward Dran, designed to both promote and capitalize on the popularity of the brand. Cards can be found in possession of children, speculators and a few hard-core adult collectors across the realms.

Cards come with artwork of the Acq Inc employee and a short biography. Some cards have alternative art and/or a foiled ‘shiny’ appearance which increases the rarity and value.

Card Generation Tables

To generate a random Acquisitions Incorporated® Trading Card™ card, roll 1d12 and 1d20 and check the following tables. If the card is found outside of a pack, add an additional 1d10.

Featured Person
1d12 Featured Person Base Price (cp)
1 Jeff 3
2 Donaar Blit’zen 5
3 K’thriss Drow’b 5
4 Walnut Dankgrass 5
5 Rosie Beestinger 6
6 Strix 6
7 Môrgæn 7
8 Aeofel Elhromane 8
9 Binwin Bronzebottom 8
10 Viari 8
11 Omin Dran 9
12 Jim Darkmagic III 10
Card Modifiers
1d20 Card Modifiers Value Multiplier
1 - 11 None -
12 - 17 Alternate Art x3
18 - 19 Foiled x10
20 Foiled, Alternate Art x25
Card Condition

If taken directly from a pack, the card will be Near Mint unless particular care is taken. A cruel DM may wish them to make a Dexterity Check to keep the card Mint whenever it is handled.

If found outside a pack, roll on this table.

1d10 Card Condition Value Multiplier
1 Ruined x1/10
2 - 3 Poor x1/4
4 - 7 Fair x1/2
8 - 9 Near Mint -
10 Mint x2

Example Card Roll

Buy in Shops

Buy official Acquisitions Incorporated® Trading Cards™ at a shop or tavern near you! One pack of 3 random cards costs 6sp, or three packs for 15sp! Shops normally have 1d6 + 3 packs for sale.

Shops sometimes have a prestige card for sale. Roll on the following table to determine modifiers and quality, roll on Featured Person to determine which card.

Shop Prestige Card
1d4  Card Modifiers Card Condition Value Multiplier
1 Foiled Near Mint x10
2 Foiled Mint x20
3 Foiled, Alternate Art Near Mint x25
4 Foiled, Alternate Art Mint x50

Trade with Collectors

Most collectors keep their cards Near Mint, but a few deal only in Mint cards. Depending on how long they have been collecting determines how many cards they have for trade.

The table below shows how likely it is that a collector will have the specific card someone is looking for. Roll 1d100 and if the result is equal to or less than the percentage value then this collector has the card for trade.

1d10 Type # Cards Basic Alt Art Foil Foil Alt Art
1 Newbie 1 5% 3% 1% -
2 - 3 Amateur 5 21% 12% 4% 2%
4 - 7 Casual 10 37% 22% 8% 4%
8 - 9 Fan 20 61% 40% 15% 8%
10 Master 50 90% 72% 34% 19%

Other Card Modifiers

The hard-core collector may encounter other types of cards:

1d6 Card Modifier Value Multiplier Description
1 Bootleg x1/50 It’s a FAKE.
2 Promo x1/2 Given away as a promotion.
3 Encased x3/4 Encased in resin. Always mint.
4 Misprint x2 Art doesn’t match card name. Roll twice on featured person.
5 Signed x3 Signed by the featured person.
6 Vintage x4 From a much older print run.

Rare and Unique Cards

Jim Darkmagic III (Ultra-Holographic)

Base Value: 25gp. Only 3 of these were ever printed and it’s said Jim Darkmagic himself owns two of them.

Jeff (Signed)

Base Value: 1gp. Jeff cards are pretty cheap. But nobody’s getting Jeff to sign a new card without necromancy.

“Evil” Aeofel Elhromane

Base Value: 5sp. Not many of these were made before Aeofel’s lawyer’s got involved. No foil versions were made.

Virari (Misprint)

Base Value: 2sp. A few cards mistakenly list “Rogue” as Virari’s class until this was corrected to “Bard.”

Omin Dran’s Business Card

Base Value: 1sp. Omin Dran’s Business Card is also a unique trading card. Omin gives these away.

Strix with Waffle Crew

Base Value: 1sp. Limited run special Strix card that features the rest of the waffle crew: Daith, Evelyn and Paultin.

The Acq Inc Battle Balloon

Base Value: 1sp. Limited run special card. Features the battle balloon and it’s statistics.


Base Value: 1sp. Limited run special card. Features the beer robot, Tipsy.